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Elements of Fiction & Nonfiction

Miss Stackhouse

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1.time and place in which a story takes place
5.characters and events from the author's imagination
8.way of speaking in a particular group or region
9.the turning point of the story where the protagonist must make a decision to resolve his or her conflict and the highest point of interest in the story
11.conversation between or among characters
12.author's point of view
15.clues that suggest events that will happen later in a story
16.when two or more characters are in opposition or face challenges
17.individual who takes part in a story
20.beginning of the story that includes the background of the characters and clues about the conflict
22.progression of events in a work of fiction
23.a character in the story tells the story
24.two-dimensional character
25.actions that happen after the climax that ties up loose ends
26.character who is in conflict with the main character
27.the resolution of the story
29.conflict such as man vs. himself
30.an outside narrator who knows the thoughts and feelings of all the characters
2.conflict such as man vs. man or man vs. nature
3.author's attitude toward a subject and readers shown through word choice
4.character who changes and matures in the course of the story
6.the person telling the story
7.underlying meaning or insight that the author conveys in a story
10.conveys information and the author gives his or her viewpoint on a subjct that is real
13.an outside character who knows the thoughts and feelings of just one character
14.character who remains the same or who has limited growth
18.action that builds up to the climax
19.well developed character
21.the main character in the story
28.atmosphere created in a story through the use if descriptive details

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