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Ender's Game

Teresa Shyr

1       2 3 4 5
    6 7            
10               11                            
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18         19    
    22                           23
    25             26  
27               28       29            
30       31              
32   33   34          

1.How Ender learned different techniques and stratgies.
7.Ender went to _______ School after Battle School.
8.Ender's teacher in Command School.
10.The enemy of the humans.
11.The person who taught Ender how to shoot.
12.In Command School, Ender accidetally did this to himself while sleeping.
13.The teachers started making the game at Battle School _______.
15.Where the buggers got the objects to make replicas on their home world for Ender.
20.What Ender found Beyond the End of the World on the bugger planet.
22.Ender would be commanding the fleet for the ________ ___________.
25.The guns in the game at Battle School do this.
27.In zero-gravity, down is wherever you ________ _______.
28.Valentine's fake name on the Nets.
30.The number of wars that took place in the book.
31.Ender is a ________ in the family, and is disgraced because of it.
32.The smallest kid in Ender's battle team that he commanded.
34.Mazor Rackham taught him that he had to think like the _________ in order to win.
35.Newcomes to Battle School.
2.Where Ender's isolation began.
3.Ender had ________ standings for the game at Battle School.
4.The person who first isolated Ender from the rest of the children.
5.Ender's sister.
6.Where Ender first went to school.
9.Ender broke his arm.
14.Ender's brother.
16.Peter's fake name on the Nets.
17.The document that ended the war on earth.
18.Ender became so good that he could be __________.
19.The captain of team Salamander.
21.The number of toons in Ender's battle team that he commanded.
23.The document that made the war on earth break out.
24.The name of Ender's battle team that he commanded.
26.Ender is known as a _______ in Battle School, earning respect, envy, and hatred.
29.Ender's first formal battle team.
30.The number of people Ender accidentally killed in self-defense.
33.The bridge of the two warring groups in Ender's launchie group.

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