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Fahrenheit 451

Mrs. Sideri

Fahrenheit 451 Review

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3.Overdoses on sleeping pills
6.Where Montag hides his books
8.Place where Montag and Mildred met
11.Clarisse's uncle was once arrested for being a __________.
13.Clarisse's age
14.Montag's book to memorize
16.Book Montag tries to read on the train
21.Faber's old profession
22.Montag must use this device instead of kerosene on his house
23.Protagonist and dynamic character
24.Montag kills this man
25.Architects stopped putting these on houses
28.Montag tries as a child to fill one with sand
1.Catalyst for Montag's change
2.Poem Montag reads to the women
4.Product advertised on the train
5.Granger says they will build this kind of factory
7.According to the rule book, the first fireman
8.Faber believes he is one of these because he did not speak up
9.Religious figure who advertises products on the parlor walls
10.Man Montag met in the park who agrees to help him
12.If you rub this on your chin and the color comes off, you are in love
15.Label placed on Clarisse because of her behavior
17.Man Montag meets on the tracks. Discusses legacy
18.Faber says there are a lot of __________ degrees along the railroad tracks
19.Name for futuristic headphones
20.Faber and Montag drink this and use it as an antiseptic
22.Mildred considers the people on television as this
26.Montag jumps into this to avoid the hound
27.Reads Montag's amino acids and seems to dislike him

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