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Rodrigo Bocanegra/Carlos Bocanegra/ Marilyn Espinoza

1         2               3  
5         6 7  
  8             9          
10                         11
15       16   17                          
    18             19    
  21         22        
      23         24
26           27            

1.to wish that bad things happen to someone
2.men who work in the forest suttingdown trees
5.to fall in tiny pieces, like snow flackes
8.to scratch something and remove part of the surface
9.when a lot of water spills out of, for instance, a river
10.a doctor who helps someone whit thinking problems
12.25 cents
13.square pieces of wood, stone, plasic
14.to think and find an answer
15.slang for dollar
17.a person who tells what will happen to someone
18.light that gets stong then weak again and again
20.game played on a table by hitting balls with a stick, billiads
21.a book of blank pages for keeping pictures
23.slang for something tat makes you feel bad
25.100 cents
26.a small hill
27.place where golf is played
1.a large book for sdtoring things
3.bola de cristal (ingles)
4.to suck in air quickly so it makes a sound
6.lasting for only a certain period of time
7.curved plastic pieces to put in the eyes to improve eyesight
11.place where dead bodies are buried
13.binoculares (ingles)
14.when something is seen clearly
16.sombra (ingles)
19.the first letters of someone's name
21.finding an answer
22.when something is put into the ground and covered with earth
24.to do sometjing wrong

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