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The Great Gatsby Ch. 1-5

Ms. Gould

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6.Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy to ________
8."Daisy tumbled short of [_________ 's] dreams - not through her own fault but because of the clossal vitality of his illusion"
9.Has human molars for cuff links
13.Famous female jazz singer
17.boards at Gatsby's house and plays the piano
18.The 1920s introduced that _____________ - movies with words
20.Famous cubist painter
21.The peak of his life was when he played football in college
22.Mrs. Wilson lives in the Valley of ______________
24.The 19th amendment gave women the right to _________
25.Daisy's childhood friend
27.The narrator, Nick, is from the ________
28.Nick and Gatsby live in ____________ Egg
30.Young ladies who gave the impression of being more free, easy goind and promiscuous were known as __________
31.Gatsby was said to have attended _______________
32.Nick says that Jordan Baker is "incurably _________"
1.Got in a car accident at Gatsby's party
2.Jazz originated in this US city
3.Has a daughter that she hopes will be "beautiful little fool" and an "absurd, charming little laugh"
4.Famous female actress from the 1920s
5.A popular women's hairstyle
7.Nick considereds himself "one of the few _________ people that [he] has ever known"
9.personality changed when she changed her dress
10.A driving force behind the Women's Rights Movement
11.Wants "no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart"
12.The first time Nick sees Gatsby, he's standing on his front lawn looking across the bay at a ____________ light.
14.The narrator's name is Nick ____________
15.F. Scott Fitzgerald wife's name was __________
16.Owl Eyes is shocked to see that Gatsby's books are ______________
19.An old, beat up car
21.Billboard over the valley of ashes is for this doctor
23.Gatsby's first name
26.Gatsby's smile is characterized as having "a quality of eternal __________"
29.Tom and Daisy live in ____________ Egg

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