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Harry Potter Character's


1         2                     3
  4 5 6                             7
9                           10    
    11     12   13
  14                             15    
16   17                          
20                             21  
  22   23                      
  25                 26

1.loves to please, but it sometimes annoying
2.Brave, and very protective,
6.smart, and intelligent, often gets into arguments with ron
8.very protective of her children, acts like harry's part of the family
9.Loves muggles, enchanted a car to fly
14.popular and smart, he can have any girl, but one
17.Charms teacher
18.These two make a great pair, with their inventions.
19.lives with his grabdmother,
20.often jealous, and exagerants things quite often
23.famous Quiditch player
24.A year younger than harry, often shy around him
25.prefect, stubborn as a rock,
27.You know who's most loyal servant,
1.Harry's enemy at school, slick and smooth
3.Top Auror
4.spooky old man, who has a deep grudge against peeves
5.Shy and timid, he is now hated
7.Quiet, and smart, with a curse that will haunt him forever.
10.Bright, and cheerful nothing can bring her spirit down.
11.brave, was a triwizard champion, killed by peter pettigrew
12.Harry's crush at hogwarts
13.Crazy old man, parnoid, he often drives Tonks crazy.
15.The boy who lived
16.sneaky, and loyal looks for students, to rat them out
17.names a chocolate
21.No man dares challenges him in a duel, not even you know who himself
22.very nosy and rude, took Umbridges place at hogwarts
26.many students have a grudge against this teacher

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