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Harry Potter Crossword


Solve this crossword all about Harry Potter!

1 2 3
    4         5        
      6 7        
  8           9                
11                     12                  
14                 15              
17                       18              
  19               20 21  
23               24     25  
  27     28                      
29 30             31       32
      33       34                  

4.Most evil wizard of the age
6.James Potter's nickname
8."Lucky" potion
11.Durmstrang's champion
12.Harry's love interest (until 6th book)
14."Real" Hogwarts champion
17.Hogwarts headmaster
18.Wizarding school
19.Wizard prison
23.Harry's pet owl
28.Voldemort's real name
30.Ron's "pet rat"
33.Actress who portrays Hermione
34.Professor Snape's house
35.Ron/Wood's Quidditch position
36.Draco's father
1.Pettigrew's nickname
2.Black's nickname
3.Only daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley
5.Filch's cat
7.Professor Flitwick's house
9.Beauxbatons' champion
10.Draco's mother
13.Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts
15.McGonagall's house
16.Professor Sprout's house
20.Popular wizarding sport
21.Ron's phobia
22.Potions master/ Potter's enemy
24.Fastest broom in the world
25.Brightest witch of her age
26.Actor who portrays Harry
27.Object you put part of your soul into
29.Lupin's nickname
31.Harry's Quidditch position
32.Actor who portrays Ron

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