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Marion L. Poole

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1.Who is the Headmaster of Durmstrang? (2 wds) (Goblet of Fire)
3.What is Dean Thomas' favorite soccer team? (2 wds) (Book 1)
5.A basillisk is born from a chicken's egg hatched beneath a what?
8.A grey, furry, flying insect known to infest beehives?
9.We know that Parvati Patil was sorted into Gryffindor House, but what house was her twin Padma sorted into? (Book 1)
11.What did Wales lose to in the Quidditch World Cup early rounds? (Book 4)
15.Who serves drinks at The Three Broomsticks? (2 wds) (Books 1-4)
16.Professor Vector teaches ___
19.What is the house symbol of Hufflepuff?
22.During Harry's first Quidditch match, who yells, "Send him off, ref!"? (2 wds)
24.What did Rita Skeeter describe Albus Dumbledore as? (2 wds) (Book 4)
25.What flavor of "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean" did Dumbledore end up with? (Philosopher's Stone)
26.What color was the hand-knitted sweater that Mrs. Weasley gave to Harry for christmas? (Book 1)
27.Where are werewolves believed to have originated? (2 wds)
31.Hufflepuff's colors are ___ (2 wds)
32.Which deatheater(s)did not show up when Voldemort summoned them because they were in Azkaban? (HP Year 4)
34.Where was Bertha Jorkins killed? (Book 1-4)
37.What is the spell or charm to return a stunned person back to normal? (Book 4)
38.Crookshanks, Hermione's cat, has the magical power to recognize ___ (Books 1-4)
39.How does the Sorting Hat describe the pupils of Ravenclaw? (3 wds) (Book 1)
40.What was the first curse Moody put on the spider? (Books 1-4)
44.What is Mrs. Malfoy's first name? (Books 1-4)
47.Name the plant Professor Sprout planted to protect the Philosopher's Stone? (2 wds)
48.What is the first password for Gryffindor House? (Book 2)
50.According to Harry, what does Mrs. Figg's house smell like? (Book 1)
51.Hagrid's dog? (Goblet of Fire)
54.Who was the first person to be sorted into Ravenclaw? (2 wds)
55.True or false? Harry sees only his mother and father in the Mirror of Erised? (Philosopher's Stone)
56.What item did Cedric transfigure to distract the Dragon during the first task? (HP year 4)
57.What fruit did you have to tickle on the painting in order to enter into the kitchens? (HP Year 4)
58.What color Quidditch robes do the Hufflepuffs wear?
59.In the first book, Hagrid hatches a dragon egg. What is the dragon's name?
60.What does Ron leave in the bar? (2 wds) (Book 3)
2.How many staircases are there at Hogwart's? (3 wds) (Book 1)
4.Who had the rare ability of speaking the language of the snakes? (2 wds)
6.What were the names of Harry's parents? ( ___ and ___ )
7.Who delivers baby Harry to Dumbledore in Privet Drive at the start of the movie?
10.When meeting Professor Qirrell in the Leaky Cauldron, what did he tell Harry was the subject of the book he was in London to pick up? (Book 1)
12.What does Hermione say to unlock the door between her and fluffy?
13.Who was the first person to be sorted into Gryffindor in Harry's year? (2 wds)
14.Wizards get rid of gnomes by spinning them around until their dizzy and then dropping them over the ___? (2 wds)
17.Yes or no. Since Draco Malfoy became the Slytherin's seeker, have they ever beaten the Gryffindors at Quidditch?
18.The entrance to Gryffindor is guarded by the portrait of a ___ in a pink silk dress (2 wds)
20.He oversees the weighing of the wands? (Goblet of Fire)
21.What creature is sometimes known as a clauricorn?
23.An eight-eyed spider capable of human speech?
28.Who is the house ghost of Hufflepuff? (2 wds)
29.Which newspaper do the witches and wizard read? (2 wds)
30.What birthday does Harry celebrate in the first book? (Book 1)
33.Where are hippogriffs native to?
35.Which is not a ball used in Quidditch? (2 wds)
36.What day of the week did Charlie's friends collect Norbert? (Book 1)
41.Where do Nicolas Flannel and his wife Perenelle live? (Book 1)
42.Ron Weasley has a hand-me-down pet rat. What is its name?
43.During which month does the Quidditch season start at Hogwarts? (Book 1)
45.The golden snidget used to be used to play ___
46.Leprechauns are only found in ___ and are very mischievous
49.How many types of troll are there?
52.A common garden pest?
53.An ash-colored wart hog capable of invisibility?

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