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Roonil Wazlib

Everything Harry Potter. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

1       2   3                   4 5
  7           8                       9     10
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    21                     22                
    24     25         26        
27                   28                    
      29     30  
    31     32            
33                       34              
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        37           38  
39       40                      
42                     43  
      44                 45  
    47   48            
      49     50              
      52   53         54
  56 57      

1.Hagrid's roommate
2.Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore leads this (2 words)
7.Marvolo, Merope, Morfin
8.Half of the Dursley's final escort (2 words)
11.Hufflepuff's Seeker and Triwizard champion's father
12."Mischeif _______"
14.Dudley's best friend (2 words)
16.Aragog was one of these
19.Boggart defeating incantation
20.The Dark Mark incantation
21.Falsely accused as Scabbers' kidnapper
22.Bridge that was destroyed by Death Eaters
25.Susan Bones' house
27.Requires a license; illegal until age 17
28.Hargid's mother
32."I _____ at the close"
33.Harry's stalker (2 words)
34.The secret-keeper charm
35.Filch's feline (2 words)
37."_____________ MY LAST, PETUNIA"
40.Conjures a stream of water
42.Victim of the cursed opal necklace (2 words)
44."It is our _______ Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
46.Marietta _________ - betrayed Dumbledore's Army
48."It was _______ to come here tonight, Tom"
49.__________ Bode
51.Sir ________ - The Fat Lady's temporary replacement
53.The stones in Harry's primary Horcrux destroyer
55."I haven't blushed so much since Madam Pomfrey told me she like my new _______"
58.Trelawney's replacement
59.The Pre-Weasley Hogsmeade joke shop
1.Dumbledore's alchemical partner
3.The new Muggle Studies professor (2 words)
4.Harry's would've been school
5.Madam Malkin's Robes for All _________
6.Barnabas the _______
9.To disarm
10.Potion made by Snape for Lupin
13.Mad-Eye's first name
15.Viktor Krum's school
17."Well – it's just that you seem to be laboring under the delusion that I am going to – what is the phrase – '____ _______.'" (2 words)
18.Buckbeak's alias
23._______ Cedric Diggory!
24.Sirius, McGonagall, Rita, and Pettigrew are all this
26."We could have been all killed -- or worse, ______"
29.Not Albus, but...
30."Nitwit, blubber, ________, tweak"
31.The younger Delacour
36.Tonks' dreaded name
38.Hedwigs home before Harry
39.Dudley's school
41.Hufflepuff's ghost (2 words)
43.The Weasley's family owl
45.One of Albus Dumbledore's middle names
47.The name of Ginny's pygmy puff
50.Spell that cuts something
52.The Smith that Riddle robbed
54.Arabella Figg and Argus Filch are this
56.The Crouch's former House Elf
57.Harry talked about his momma!

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