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The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Mrs. Meg Kenney

Characters and places in The Hobbit.

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4.Goblin-Cleaver; Biter; Elvish sword that Thorin took from Trolls' cave; buried with him. Glowed blue when orcs were around.
7.The town at the southern end of Long Lake that is destroyed by Smaug. It is here that the dwarves get fed and outfitted before the last leg of their journey.
9.Intelligent and oversized wolves with generally evil intentions. They have rough treaties with goblins to help them raid and terrorize other species.
10.The first day of the dwarves' New Year; the first day of the last moon of Autumn on the threshold of Winter.
15.The great forest over the Misty Mountains.
17.A descendant of the royal line of Dale. He does not appear until Smaug attacks the town, but he makes a brave stand with a small group of townspeople. He understands the words of the thrush, and slays the dragon. He leads an army of men with the Elvenking to Lonely Mountain He fights well in the war, and ends the tale by re-establishing Dale.
18.A small creature half the size of a man. They have no beards and hairy feet with a tendency for rotund stomachs. They tend to be farmers and rarely go on adventures. Beyond the borders of their people, few have ever heard of them
19.The name of the caves where Gollum lives.
20.Bilbo's mother's maiden name. This family is a more adventurous and daring family than the Baggins. The family has old ties with Gandalf.
21.One of the Trolls that is turned to stone by Gandalf's trickery.
24.The town in the shadow of Lonely Mountain. It was a prosperous trading community until Smaug came and destroyed it. Bard, a heir to the city, rebuilds it after the death of Smaug.
25.Leader of Lake Town; very economically minded, but a coward.
27.A wealthy section of Hobbiton in which the Baggins family has lived for many generations. It is an enviable place to live. So enviable, that Bilbo's relatives rush to auction his possessions and take his home after he has been gone a year.
28.The main character and protagonist of the tale.
29.Evil creatures infamous for their ability to make cruel weapons and torture devices.
30.Where hobbits live.
31.The first creatures in Middle-Earth. Immortal unless killed in battle, they are fair-faced, with beautiful voices, and have a close communion with nature, which makes them wonderful craftsmen.
35.A valley near the Misty Mountains where elves have made a sanctuary. It is warmer and prettier than the land around it. In it, Elrond resides with many others. Bilbo stops here twice during the book to rest.
38.Thorin’s grandfather.
42.Wretched creature that played the riddle game with Bilbo.
44.Dwarf; companion of Thorin; very fat; falls into the river in Mirkwood and falls into dreaming sleep which eventually leads to the company's capture by the Elvenking.
45.Enigmatic wizard
46.One of the twelve dwarvish companions of Thorin Oakenshield. He was usually the lookout. second in command of the dwarves. Whenever Thorin is not present, he makes the decisions.
47.Elvish dagger that Bilbo took from Trolls' cave, served as sword for the Hobbit. Glowed blue when orcs were around.
1.One of Thorin's companions; Dwarf
2.One of the Trolls that is turned to stone by Gandalf's trickery.
3.The bird that fulfills a part of the omen read by Elrond. It is with his knocking that Bilbo realizes it is the time to find the keyhole and open the tunnel door. He also observes Bilbo telling the dwarves about the dragon's weak spot. He carries this information to Bard in Esgaroth. Later on he tells Roac that Smaug is dead and Roac tells the dwarves.
5.Great Dwarf; leader of company and heir to the Kingdom under the mountain
6.The mountain where Smaug lives guarding a treasure.
8.A large freestanding and flat topped stone constructed in the middle of a forest by Beorn.
11.An immense white gem, treasured by dwarves and guarded by Smaug, the dragon.
12.Captured the dwarves and Bilbo in Misty Mountains; killed by Gandalf while questioning the dwarves.
13.Name of the bird that helps Bilbo.
14.Home of Elrond in Rivendell.
15.The name of the mountains under which Gollum lives in a cave
16.Short creatures known for their greed and trickery.
22.Captures Thorin and company and puts them in dungeon. Lives in caves with magic doors. Comes to Battle of Five armies.
23.The skin-changing man who lives near the edge of Mirkwood. He gives the travelers shelter and supplies when they show up at his home. He investigates their story and when he finds out that it is true, he offers them more help. He appears at the end of the tale and bursts into the battle to kill Bolg, the leading goblin. Bilbo and Gandalf travel east with him at the end of the tale.
24.Another of the dwarves, He is the one who drops Bilbo while carrying him in the tunnels of the Misty Mountains. The rest blame him for losing Bilbo. When they are caught by the Wargs in the trees, it is his legs that Bilbo grabs.
26.One of the Trolls that is turned to stone by Gandalf's trickery
32.The fat dwarf who is often messing things up. In Mirkwood, he falls into the stream of forgetfulness and falls to sleep for many days. His companions must carry him. When he wakes, he has forgotten everything since they left the home of Bilbo. He is almost caught by the dragon when it bursts from the mountain.
33.Great serpentine beasts with wings. They shoot fire from their mouths. They are capable of speech and are known to be fairly intelligent. Their goal is to accumulate a large amount of treasure and sleep on it.
34.The dragon of Lonely Mountain and the antagonist of the tale. Although he is not present for most of the story, his existence looms. His attack on Lonely Mountain displaced an entire people and several towns. His conversations with Bilbo expose him as an arrogant and hateful beast who loves treasure only for the sake of having it.
36.An old elf who lives in Rivendell. A gracious host. He reads the moon letters on the map which make it possible for the dwarves to enter the mountain.
37.Lord of the Goblins that attacked in Battle of Five Armies; Son of Azog.
39.They live in Lake Town near Lonely Mountain.
40.Short-tempered and dull-witted creatures who will eat just about anything.
41.Very old Raven that could converse with the Dwarves. Gave advice and sent other Ravens out with messages for the Dwarves. Son of Croc.
43.The magical item which Bilbo uses to disappear.

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