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The Hobbit

J. R. R. Tolkien

5 points

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43                     44          
46     47            

2.name of the greedy dragon
3.name of Bilbo's sword
5.home of Bilbo
7.Thorin's cousin
8.skin-changer who changes into a black bear
9.dwarves and Bilbo escape from the Wood-elves in these
13.wise wizard who accompanies the dwarves
15.name of Gandalf's sword in the ancient tongue of Gondolin
17.Thorin's grandfather
18.the Last Homely House is in this valley
22.Bilbo's father
24.weapon which Thorin dies from
25.Bard is the descendant of him
27.job Bilbo was hired for
31.name of the bird who tells the dwarves and Bilbo of the death of the dragon
32.author of The Hobbit
35.creature living under the goblins' tunnels
37.race that Bilbo is from
39.name of the mountains in which the eagles live
42.valley under the Lonely Mountain
43.creatures who live in the forest of the Wood-elves
44.Thorin's father
45.event that Thorin and Gandalf's swords were made for
46.falls asleep with forgetfullness in the forest of the Wood-elves
48.creatures who rescued the dwarves and Bilbo from the wolves and goblins
49.name of the world in which The Hobbit takes place
50.object Bilbo found in the goblins' tunnels
51.leader of the group of dwarves and Bilbo
1.bird who tells the dwarves and Bilbo of the death of the dragon
4.bird who overhears Bilbo and tells Bard where to shoot the dragon
6.Gandalf's sword
10.Bilbo and the creature under the mountain's game involved these
11.name of the forest in which the Wood-elves live
12.three creatures dwarves and Bilbo come across at the start of their journey
14.creature under the goblins' mountain called himself this
16.something that Elrond finds on the map
19.day upon which the keyhole appears
20.the name of the steps that the skin-changer made on the great rock
21.thing that makes the dwarves and Bilbo leave the path
23.name of Thorin's sword in the ancient tongue of Gondolin
26.month when the dwarves and Gandalf arrive at Bilbo's house
28.Bilbo's mother
29.Thorin's sword
30.animals who surrounded the trees
33.master of the Last Homely House
34.watchguard of the dwarves
36.river by which the dwarves and Bilbo escape from the Wood-elves
38.invented the game of golf
40.someone Gandalf defeated when he was away from the dwarves and Bilbo
41.a change in Bilbo as a result of the adventure is he is more
47.human who slayed the dragon

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