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James and the Giant Peach

Pragashnie Govender

words that are used in James and the Giant peach and also description of the silkworm that appears in the book.

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1.A complete loss of hope, no hope
4.A stage between molts in the life cycle of certain insects
5.A small patch of light or colour
7.A large extinct elephant
9.Pleasant,enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing
10.Spins cocoons around their bodies to become pupas
13.Horrible, frightly unpleasant
16.A collection of small bubbles in liquid due to shaking
17.To bind as if in a spell
19.Tumbledown or rickety.
21.The third stage of metamorphosis
25.Description of the soft fleshy part of the fruit
26.A hard, bony outer covering of the outside of an animal
28.Full of shedding light, radiant
30.Emitting rays of light
31.Having a sensation of whirling and twirling with a tendency to fall or stagger
2.People make expensive clothes from this.
3.Something very, very old
6.sadly wishful or expectant of something
8.Distructive growth of fungi in damp areas
11.Delicately pretty
12.A covering made from silky thread.
14.To be overpowered with emotions
15.The change of forms some animals go through
18.Groping to find, or hold on to something
20.Harsh, high pitched scream
22.Something that is strange or unusual
23.Miserably left alone
24.Boil or bubble over
27.Of a mouldy, stale smell or taste
29.To shed an outer covering so that a new one can grow

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