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The Last Unicorn Crossword

Sophie Kidd-Myers

Based on the Novel Peter S. Beagle

1 2 3
4     5   6
      7           8  
11                     12  
16   17        
19       20        

7.Unicorns comes to young ____
9.What the gateway to the cave under the castle where the red bull lives is.
11.Who Schmendrick made Captain Cully and his crew see
13.The leader of a band of forest outlaws, Schmendrick is caught by one of his men
14.The witch who capture's the last unicorn
15.What the skeleton though Molly Grue and Schmendrick gave it
16.Where the unicorns were driven
20.What the lady Amalthea ends up feeling for prince Lir
21.King Haggard's pet and minion
22.The name of the harpy
24.One of the things that being mortal taught the unicorn
1.A mythical creature with a single horn
2.What Lir becomes trying to win lady Amalthea's heart
3.The name of Mommy Fortuna's show
4.The only thing that makes King Haggard happy
5.The creature that is the demise of Mommy Fortuna
6.King Haggard's adopted son
8.The wizard
10.Captain Cully's maid and cook, she ends up going with Schmendrick and the last unicon on their quest
12.This creature first tells the unicorn of the red bull
13.What animal told Molly Grue about the skeleton and the clock
17.The unicorn's name when changed into a human
18.The last unicorn's home
19.The unicorn has ____ hooves
23.What Captain Cully's crew tied Schemdrick to

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