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The Secret Garden

Anna Cortes

1 2         3       4
5               6  
  7             8          
9 10         11
      12 13        
  14                         15             16
18               19         20    
              22 23          
      24     25 26    
        27               28    
29                       30                
32             33              
34             35         36 37
39     40           41   42          
44           45   46          
      47 48        
        50     51   52
    53               54      
57       58        

2.a to legged animal that lays eggs
3.get man and add wo
5.a form of sowings to make blankets
7.a building or a room fill with books
8.a plot of dirt with flowers or other plants
14.get the word comfortable and then and the prefix ‘un’
15.another word for wedded
18.boredom (Antonym)
21.a another word for amazing
23.to be empty in the inside
27.Party when you invite all your friends they bring you presents and you all eat cake.
28.it big and blue and sometime it has clouds and we look up to it.
29.chances to do something that you want to do
32.a rat but smaller
33.they grow in a garden
34.Mom I’m going (_ _ _side)
35.when your not able to see your sightless
39.a fancy word for find ,like a geologist (__) bones
42.it made out of wood it has steps and it starts with the letter “L”
43.something that is very confusing
44.to be on the down low hush-hush
46.a very big room in a house or a castle that is empty
48.a flat pieces of wood that has a knob
49.to be recognizable
50.you are 14 (__) old
53.(_ _ _ tain jack sparrow
54.to connect together or tie
55.the time of the year when you go to the pool and stay
56.a for ledged creature
57.to walk lamely
58.a day that has lots of wind.
1.take touched and add the un and what do you get
4.an old English word for children’s room
6.a big word for puzzling, or odd or peculiar
8.to just take a quick look at something just for a min.
9.when the plant is barely grow it
10.a person that takes care of your house and cleans it
11.not to be seen
12.a beautiful piece of plaster that spits out water
13.a very big house with many rooms
16.a hold in the wall with glass that you can see it to it.
17.a storm with rain and put it together
19.something that is very exciting
20.in the spring the flower
22.the language that we speak in America
24.a tree with fruit is called a (_ _ _ _ tree)
25.to keep something short and sweet to the point
26.turn that frown upside down and it becomes a
28.a four legged animal that’s very wooly
31.to sattle up a horse and then your on
36.the bushes that you have it your front lawn
37.to be empty
38.to be gloomy or sad
40.an old way of a car pulled by horses
41.to be miserable sad
45.a person the will follow your orders and do what you say
47.to be very mad to about to blow your top of
51.a road that you take every day that you do over and over
52.a horse but a smaller

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