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Ancient River Valley Civilizations

Ms. King

2             3       4
  6             7
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2.To cover with water
6.Forts inside cities built on brick platforms made from the Indus river
9.Journey made to Ganges river by Hindus to bathe in the river to die by the river banks
11.Egyptians believed the afterlife was located here
13.Created from silt dropped at the Huang He's mouth
16."Land between the rivers"
17.Reed that grows on Nile river banks and used to make baskets, sandals, and paper
18.Wall built to hold back the Huang He's flood waters
19.Flood waters of the Tigris and Euphrates came from melted snow off of these mountains
20.The Nile was used as a ___ to transport goods
1.Frequent devastating floods caused many of the ancient Chinese to die in this manner
3.Farming method used to move water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
4."The Yellow River"
5.Where the Nile Delta empties into
7.Flows in the Huang He, causing the riverbed to rise and flood
8.Built using mud bricks from the silt of the Tigris and Euphrates
10.The Indus and Ganges rivers flow from ___ in the Himalayan Mountains
12.River the ancient Egyptians depended upon
14.Causes Indus and Ganges to overflow in the summer
15.The Huang He's silt make the land in Northeast China fertile to do this

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