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Worksheet 8.2 Europe

Tonasket Outreach

Use your atlas or a map and use the clues to solve the puzzle.

1 2 3
  5             6              
7   8    
  9               10                 11
      12     13          
14           15               16    
18             19                     20    
21   22                 23          
  27 28                                  
    31                     32 33        
34                   35    
    36 37            
  39       40        
41                 42           43
  44     45            
  47         48    
49           50          

4.Claims ownership of Wales and Scotland
5.At dinner time, you feel like this
6.It separates Poland from Hungary
9.A mediterranean Island
10.Landlocked neighbor of greece
13.Famous for the Monte Carlo Casino
14.It spans two continents
15.Neighbor to Slovenia and Hungary
18.Neighbor of Russia, with shores on the Baltic
19.Have you had a check up?
21.If Poland needs a cup of sugar, it might ask this neighbor
25.Famous for pancakes and meatballs
28.It shares and island with Ireland
29.It's capital is Kiev
30.The largest country
31.Home of the Matterhorn
32.It sounds like a large sea mammal
34.Borders the Black Sea
36.Plaid and Bagpipes
38.It has 5 neighbors and the Baltic Sea
39.Home of Lake Lubana
41.Part of the Nordic Peninsula
42.Just North of Ukraine
44.Eiffel tower lives here
46.Ukraine and Romaina are neighbors to this country
47.This country would be kicked if the boot went backwards
49.It's capital is Warsaw
50.Where the bulls run
1.Almost an island, but Germany gives it a neighbor
2.Played a large role in Word War II
3.Country with the longest name
7.The tiniest island
8.It's capital is Vaduz
11.Its only border is Spain
12.Home of the Pope
16.Famous for windmills and tulips
17.It seems a little lonely
20.One of the three baltic states
22.Hiding between Belgium and Germany
23.One of the countries that used to be Yugoslavia
24.Famous for pizza
26.Olympics started here
27.The Sound of Music was set here
33.Tiny country between Spain and France
34.Capital is antwerp
35.Small Neighbor of Italy
37.Tiny Island, France claims ownership
40.Land of the Leprechaun
43.Landlocked part of former Yugoslavia
45.It nearly says "no way"
48.Rome's home

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