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Finland Facts

Tenna Lambeth

Facts about Finland

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2.Finland's flag features a large ___ cross sideways on a white background.
6.Finns like their candy to taste _____.
7.First capital city of Finland, it's oldest city and place where Tenna was born.
8.Finland is home to 188,000 ____. Many Finns like to jump in one when at their summer house.
11.Finland is one of 27 countries that are part of the European ______.
13.Many people in Finland fish, swim, or skate in or on ___ in the winter.
14.Most popular girl baby name in 2010
17.Finns love to surround themselves with ____ to let the light in.and around them.
19.Finland is covered with this in the winter
20.Favorite winter sport - two varieties.
21.Most common deciduous tree in Finland.
25.Use of _____ transportation is encouraged in Finland, most often in cities.
27.Finland's other official language
29.Finns love to dance the ____.
31.Finland was part of ____ from the 12th to the 19th centuries, and is now arch rivals with this country in sports.
33.Most popular boy baby name in 2010
34.Catching a 10 kg (22 pound) northern ___ qualifies you as a master fisherman in Finland.
35.Popular summertime activity on the water.
36.Finland's largest industry.
37.Finland is the land of the midnight ___.
38.______ truly is a virtue in Finland.
39.Native ethnic group living in Lapland, sometimes called the Lapp people.
40.Finnish national folk epic
45.Finns are known for excelling in this fast sport, especially Formula one, around the world.
47.Finland's largest city at 500,000 people and Europe's most northern capital city.
49.Most popular recreational sport among regular people in Finland.
50.Finns love their own brands of this popular alcoholic drink, very strong.
52.Both the president and prime minister of Finland are _____.
54.Place to buy fresh food outdoors, full or colors, scents, and sounds.
55.National flower of Finland
59.Finland has the lowest _____ rate in the world.
62.Finnish people love their time in _____, surrounding themselves with it.
65.Many Finns gather these little ______ in the woods, they make a delicious fruit soup.
66.Finns love the strong flavor of this candy, even using it as an ice cream flavor.
69.A _____ ______ cottage, situated by a lake, the sea and/or on an island is owned by 80% of Finns
70.Finland's national instrument
72.Famous designer of furniture in Finland.
74.Finland has one of the top two ____ education systems in the world.
75.Famous Finnish fashion designer
77.The northern 25% of Finland is in the ____ Circle.
79.Minority ethnic group in Finland who speak the Roma language.
81.Adjective describing what a great time Linnanmaki amusement park is.
82.Not just a beverage, a social occasion also, is a cup of ____.
83.The sea next to Finland.
84.Finland's most famous composer
86.Finland fought off ____ in World War II to retain her independence.
87.Word for Finland in Finnish
88.Finland has 98,000 of these.
1.Furry animal often seen in the forest, 1000 of the brown variety in Finland
3.Steamy hot place where it's fun to beat each other with branches. There are 1.8 million of them in Finland where they were invented.
4.Finland's most famous liquor is made from potatoes.
5.Popular dinner beverage also for adults in Finland.
9.Monetary unit used in Finland
10.Main protein that Finns eat, they are so many kinds!
12.Finland's most famous worldwide company
15.Finland was a part of the ____ empire for the last 100 years before declaring independence in 1917.
16.Cat-like animal found in Finland
18.Large island group laying between Finland (it belongs to) and Sweden (the language the inhabitants speak).
22.Finland has many medieval ones, the oldest at 900 years is in Turku
23.Finnish doughy sugar-dipped pastry
24.Finns eat these vegetables raw and fresh right out of their shells by hand in summer!
26.Common antlered animal, watch out for them on the roads!
28.Popular Finnish grilling food in the summer.
30.Also a staple of the daily diet, there are many varieties of this dairy product.
32.Most common last name in Finland, 23,600 of them in 2010.
37.Finns say they have ___ a combination of courage, strength and determination.
39.Largest lake in Finland.
41.Juice made from these red berries growing in the forests is delicious
42.Popular Finnish sweetbread
43.Fazer ____ is a favorite sweet in Finland.
44._____ million people live in Finland.
46.Summer vacations are most often taken for the whole month of ___ in Finland.
48.Finns love to eat their ____ and butter, especially the dark varieties, there are many!
51.Finns are known as some of the most _____ in Europe, especially outdoors any season.
52.Finnish cakes are covered with this creamy treat.
53.National fish of Finland
56.A person from the northern land where Santa Claus comes from.
57.Finland is famous for them, Saarinen is one.
58.In Finland, measurements are based on the ____ system.
60.Animal inhabiting Lapland in herds.
61.Finland's second largest industry
63.Midsummer night's eve, the summer solstice, party time!
64.Especially in the summer, Finns can't get enough of this sweet treat.
67.Many Finns like to gather these in the woods. They make a delicious sauce.
68.Pesapallo - Finland's national sport, similar to cricket
71.State religion of Finland.
73.Team sport Finns are most passionate about - Finland won the world championship this year.
74.Finland has ____ political parties.
76.Language spoken in Finland
78.76% of Finland is covered in them, green in summer
80.Staple of Finnish diet.
85.National bird of Finland

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