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Geography Study Guide


This puzzled is created to help you learn different definitions about geograhpy and to help you better understand the way geography is and what it dose in this cross word puzzle you will learn different words and definitons that you didnt know before.

1 2 3
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22               23              

5.Its a hole located in the ozone
7.Shows information as symbols
8.A scienctist that studies weather
9.Acid Rain
13.the study of ------- cultures and made made features
14.All maps must AT LEAST have an arrow showing relative information this is called
17.Distruction or loss of forest
18.Climate follows
19.Used to measure distance
20.Push people during migration
21.this map shows political bounderies, borders, area of poltical entiles( countries, states territores, district zones, counties,provience,etc) this is called
22.Used for mapping a large piece of earth'ssurface it show accurate distance, direction,shape and size foe the limitied area mapped. This map is called
23.Shows accurate shape and size of contient this is called -------- this is also projected on ovals
1.Spreading of desert condition
2.Time follows
3.studies the world enviorment and man's interaction within the enviorment is called
4.Land reclaimed by the sea
6.Pacific Ocean storms are called
10.Attracts proplr during migration
11.Being influned by a large body of water is called
12.The most densely populated contient is
15.The most populated continent is
16.Subartic (Tagia) is found in ------- climate zone

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