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Unit 1: Geography Study Guide

J. Bullock

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3.One who rules a country with complete authority
7.A extact location of a place on earth.
8.The study of the making buying and selling of goods and services.
11.The movement of people from one place to another.
13.A scale model of Earth.
16.The destruction or loss of forest area.
19.Nonrenewable resources formed from the remains of anicent plants and animals
21.A government that has total over their citizens
22.The number of deaths per 1000 in a country within a year.
24.The average number of people living in a given area.
26.The weather conditions in an area over a long period of time.
27.Monarchy's powers limited by law
28.Resources, such as coal and oil, which cannot be replaced by Earth's natural processes
31.The number of people in a society that can read and write
34.The field of forecasting and reporting rainfall and temperatures.
36.The movement of ideas or behaviors from one region to another.
38.The land, water, climate, plants, and animals of an area
39.Resources, such as soils and forests, that can be replaced by Earth's natural processes.
40.A learned system of shared beliefs and ways of doing things that guide a person's daily behavior.
41.A map that includes country borders, capitals, cities and other places.
42.The branch of geography that studies earth's natural landscapes and physical systems
43.A flat diagram of all or part of earth's surface.
44.Explains what the symbols on a map represent
45.A territory ruled by a king or queen who has total power to govern
1.The position of a place in relation to another places.
2.The imaginary line that circles the globe halfway between the north and south poles.
4.A government with a monarch as head of state and a parliament or other legislature that makes laws
5.Lines of Geography that run east to west but have degrees of north and south.
6.The equator divides the globe into two halves.
9.The process in which countries are increasingly linked to each other through culture and trade.
10.Lines of Geography that run north to south but have degrees of east and west
12.The movement of water from earth's surface to the atmosphere and back
14.The total number of people in a given area.
15.An economic system in which people, not government, decide what to make buy or sell.
17.The imaginary line that runs through Greenwich England and represents 0 degrees longitude.
18.A government in which leaders are held accountable by citizens through their constitutions and democractic processess
20.An English assembly made up of nobles and common people which has the power to pass and enforce laws.
23.The branch of geography that studies people past and present
25.The dry area on the leeward side of a mountain or mountain range.
29.The number of births per 1000 in a country within a year
30.A political system in which citizens elect their leaders and rule by majority
32.A map that features include mountain ranges, rivers, oceans islands and plains.
33.The study of earth's atmosphere and its people and how both impact each other.
35.An economic and political system in which the government owns most of the industries and makes most of the economic decisions
37.The condition of the atmosphere at a given place and time.

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