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What do you know about Greece?

Laura Elliott

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1.Mainland Greece is surrounded by _______.
6.Greece is located on a peninsula near the ___________Sea.
8.All male ______ participated in the Olympic Games.
9.Some Ancient Greeks work as traders or ____________ on the sea.
10.This city was famous for its strong Army.
12.The hill in Athens on which the Ancient Greeks built the Parthenon and other temples.
15.Mainland Greece is not very __________.
16.The ________Sea is located to the east of Greece.
18.Greece has a warm, dry ____________.
19.The largest Aegean island.
2.This city was famous for its educators.
3.The Ancient Greeks made wine from _________.
4.A city that includes all the surrounding farms, villages, and houses.
5.The biggest temple in Athens.
7.The market place located in the middle of the city.
9.________was very difficult for the people of Ancient Greece.
11.Mainland Greece is hot and dry with many high _____________.
13.The Olympic Games were held here.
14.The Greeks traveled by _____ because the roads were very rugged.
17.Greece is located on the continent of _________.

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