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Island Southest Asia

Katie Ayala

1 2 3
4               5          
      6     7 8
  10         11                            
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      17           18     19  
    22                         23        
  26                       27
28                     29
31 32       33                      
34                 35                

4.archipelagic nation
10.most populated island in Indonesia
11.deepest location on earth
13.area with frequent earthquake and volcanic eruptions
15.helped kill those people on Java
16.strato volcanoes
17.volcano killed over 1,000 people in 1900's on Java
21.surrounded by the African, Indian and Australian plates
22.powdery residue from an eruption
23.largest islands of the Philippines
24.I-A Plate
25.between Sumatra and Java
26.trench of coffee
28.mighty sea waves
30.volcano in the Sunda Strait
31.highest peak is Mt. Agung
33.A steep-sided mass of doughy lava extruded from a volcano
34.the most rapid and fluid type of downhill mass wasting
35.seasonal heavy rainfall
36.a Pelean-Type volcano on Luzon
37.gigantic basin with steep walls
1.50 miles from Mt. Angung
2.destructive plate boundaries
3.molten rock larger than 2 1/2 inches
4.1,320 kilometers long
5.glowing clowds of hot volcanic ashand gas in french
7.hurricane that stays in the ocean
8.volcanic rock and glass fragments
9.Ring of Fire is located on
12.earths shifting crust
14."Unity in Diversity"
18.fast moving currents of hot gas from a volcanoe
19.plate under Philippines
20.most active volcano in the Philippines
25.one plate is pushed downward towards another
27.sixth largest island in the world
29.1815 erupted on the Island of Sumbawa
32.Highest peak on Bali
33.volcanic mudflow in Javanese

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