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Where Am I Located?

Mrs. Broadwater

Use your outline, textbook and brain to complete the crossword puzzle.

1 2                   3     4
  6 7    
8 9                           10  
  13   14 15                  
17                   18       19        
        21 22
23               24    
25 26   27   28       29      
32     33                  

2.Bay named after the Bengal Tigers
5.Sea located by Casper's favorite sea
9.Gulf located below Texas
11.Desert at the top of Africa
14.River in North America
16.Greenland is located in this ocean
17.Mountains located on the western side of N. America
19.Order of the Great Lakes (Left to right)
20.Sea under the "boot"
23.Desert at the bottom of Africa
25.Mountains in Asia
30.Home of the Alps
31.California's ocean
32.Sea to the upper right of Africa
33.Continent located at the bottom of the map
1.river also known as the Yellow River
3.Mountains in Australia
4.Boomerangs can be found here
6."Rocky Balboa" mountians
7.Longest river in Africa
8.Desert in Australia
10.Sea right above Europe
12.Desert with the shortest name
13.Casper's favorite sea
15."Native American" ocean
18.Continent you live on
21.Bay located above Canadian Shield
22.River located in Asia (run by "Gangs")
24.Cold desert
26.SMALL island below Greenland
27.Mountain chain in South America
28.Ural mountains are here
29.Ocean on our coast

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