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Maine's Lakes, Rivers, and Mountains

Chrissy Martin

Where are the different lakes, rivers and mountains located in the state of Maine?

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3.This lake is in the middle of Cumberland County.
6.This lake is located in the middle of Piscataquis County and also towards the east side of Piscataquis County.
8.This is the most southern river in the state of Maine.
9.This river is in Aroostook County and starts close to St. John river.
12.This lake is pretty good sized and is located mostly in the west side of Piscataquis County.
13.What lake is located in Washington County? This lake is also south east of West Grand lake.
14.This mountain is located in Hancock County, just west of Graham lake?
18.This lake is in the west edge of Somerset County and is just above Sugarloaf Mountain.
20.This river starts in the south east area of Aroostook County. This river is also under Square Pan lake.
23.What lake is located in the north of Aroostoock County and above Square lake?
24.This lake is located in the middle of Piscataquis County near Moosehead lake.
26.This river starts in Piscataquis County and runs west to Penobscot County.
27.This river runs south from the Androscoggin river and through Kennebec County and also Bath County.
1.What lake is located in the north east side of Aroostook County? This lake is below Long lake.
2.What pond is in the north part of Kennebec County?
4.This lake is located in the middle of Hancock County near Cadillac Mountain.
5.This lake is located in the south part of Franklin County. This lake is also beside the richardson lakes.
7.This lake is located in the north part of Piscataquis County in the center above Chesuncook lake and Chamberlin lake.
10.What mountain is located in Franklin County, just south of Flagstaff Lake?
11.This lake is located in Piscataquis in between chesuncook lake and eagle lake. This lake is located in the center of Piscataquis County.
15.What mountain is located in Penobscot County, just east of Chamberlin lake?
16.This mountain is located in Oxford County, just south of the Richardson lakes.
17.This lake is located in Washington County and is to the north west side of Big lake.
19.This river is south of long lake and square lake. This river is on the east side of Aroostook County.
21.This River flows through Somerset County and runs south into Kennebec River.
22.These set of lakes are located in the north part of Oxford County and a partly in Franklin County.
25.This is the most North West river in the state of Maine.

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