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8.The highest mountain in Japan at 12,389 ft. (2 Words)
9.Mountains formed by erosion and found near fold mountains such as the mountains in New Zealand
11.The tallest known mountain in the solar system (2 Words)
13.Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Kinder Scout are mountains located in this country (2 Words)
14.This is the highest mountain in Kentucky (2 Words)
16.The highest 14 mountains are found in this fold mountain range which is located in Asia and was created when India crashed into Asia forming the tallest mountain range on the continents
19.The tallest mountain that is measured below sea level (2 Words)
21.A fold mountain range in Europe
22.Mountains formed when molten rock erupts and piles upon the earth's surface, such as Mount St. Helen’s in North America, Mount Kea and Mount Loa in Hawaii
23.Mt. Kosciuszko, Ayers Rock, and Mt. Bruce are located in this country
1.The highest mountain in Africa, which is an extinct volcano (2 Words)
2.This mountain is the highest in North America (2 Words)
3.Mountains created when melted rock pushes it's way up under the earth's crust to form a concave shape
4.The most common type of mountains that are formed when 2 plates collide head on and their edges crumble
5.A snow-capped volcanic mountain in Turkey (2 Words)
6.The highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, located in Argentina
7.The second highest mountain in Africa, which is also an extinct volcano (2 Words)
10.A fold mountain range in western U.S.
12.The highest mountain in Greece (2 Words)
15.A mountain in Nepal, Asia and is the highest mountain above sea level at 29,035 ft. (2 Words)
17.These occur more often in the sea than on land
18.A fold mountain range in South America that was created by a collision of the South American Continental plate and the oceanic Pacific plate
20.Mountains created when cracks or faults in the earth's crust force blocks of rock up or down

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