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North Carolina

Mrs. Holt

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      32 33                    

4.This region of North Carolina contains the Appalachain Trail
7.North Carolina's most famous lighthouse.
8.Artificial lakes that collect and hold water.
9.North, south, east and west are the ________ directions.
12.Scientists that dig up objects from the past.
13.The science of farming.
14.Global gridlines that go north and south.
16.North Carolina's state bird.
18.Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill form this shape on a map.
19.The ocean that borders us to the east.
21.Describes the pattern of weather over many years.
23.North Carolina's state beverage.
24.They call North Carolina the old _________state.
25.North Carolina's state fish.
27.The Native American Tribe that has a Reservation in North Carolina.
33.Forests in temperate climates that shed their leaves.
34.Northeast is an example of an __________direction.
35.This region of North Carolina is the middle region, great for farming.
36.The state that borders us to the west.
37.This box explains the symbols on the map.
38.Captured Africans forced to come to NC by traders.
1.The state that borders us to the south.
2.A two lane road running nearly the entire length of Blue Ridge.
3.Forests full of trees that keep needlelike leaves all year.
5.North Carolina's state mammal.
6.North Carolina's state insect.
10.You can hike this trail from Georgia to Maine
11.An area settled by people from another country.
15.A name for wild animals and fish used for food.
17.The state that borders us to the north.
20.What was the movement to settle Native Americans further west.
22.North Carolina is split into _________regions.
26.The settlement led by John White that mysteriously disappeared is the...
27.This region of North Carolina contains the Outer Banks.
28.The county our school is in.
29.These brothers tested flight in North Carolina in the 1900s.
30.Global gridlines that go east to west.
31.North Carolina's forests contain these types of trees that are cone bearing.
32.The capital of North Carolina.

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