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Riptides and Rip Currents

Nicole Goodman

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1.Don't swim _________ the current
4.Rip current speeds are typically 1-2 feet per ________
6.Stay atleast _______ away from jetties and piers
7.Speeds of _________ feet per second have been recorded
8._________ percent of water rescues on surf beaches are due o rip currents
9.When waves break strongly in some locations and weaker in other locations, this can cause __________ cells which are seen as rip currents
12.Riptides are the leading _______ _________ for all beachgoers
15.The speed of rip currents will __________ when wave height and length
2.Riptides can occur anywhere with breaking waves, including __________
3.They most typically form in low spots or breaks in ________
5.About _______ die each year from rip currents
10.Riptides are much more common in ___________ season
11.You should swim _______ to the shore line
13.Thats faster than an ___________ swimmer can swim
14.Never swim_________

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