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Physical Geography of South America

Project Arrow

A crossword puzzle that incorporates various elements of South American geography and vocabulary terms.

1 2                             3 4
5             6                      
  7 8          
9         10 11   12            
  13                 14              
17 18   19             20   21        
22                               23
25               26      

2.Elevated region that slopes to a fertile coast plain in Guyana
5.River system that drains Caribbean South America
6.A water pattern located along the west coast
7.A narrow waterway connecting two larger bodies of water
9.Thick rainforests found in the Amazon Basin
11.Grasslands created from fertile loess deposits
13."Land of Fire"
15.Highest freshwater lake in the world
19.A weather pattern found in the Pacific Ocean
20.The driest desert in the world
22.Found above 16,000 feet
24.Located from sea level to 3,000 feet
25.A rain shadow desert found in southern Argentina
27.Drains much of the central portion of Atlantic South America
1.Parallel mountain ranges
3.Links the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
4.High plateau surrounded by even higher mountains
8."Ecological islands" that are isolated plateaus
10.Created by a loss of nutrients or by overgrazing
12.Highest peak in the Western Hemisphere
14.Grass covered savannas found in Venezuela
16.Highest elevated freshwater body in the world
17.Created when moisture is blocked by a mountain range
18.Region found above the tree line
21.Landform that is the size of the U.S--contains 1/3 of all species
23.Occurs where fresh and seawater mix
26.Run along most of the western part of the continent

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