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Worksheet 5.2 South America

Tonasket Outreach

1 2 3
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  8       9  
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18             19

4.This country sounds like the imaginary line that runs through it
7.Nicknamed "rooftop of the world"
10.European pirates landed here in 1510
11.Argentina's capital
12.The islands off the coast of Ecuador
14.This is the smaller, land locked country
17.80% of this country is covered by tropical rain forest
18.South American Mountain range
20.A spicy sounding capital
1.A colony of France since 1817
2.River between Paraguay and Argentina
3.Worlds best known rain forest
5.The world's longest country, North to South
6.It's Capital is Bogata
8.All of the contigious United States would fit in this country
9.A Capital named for an English King
12.River on Northern Bolivia's border
13.The Central American county that borders South America
15.The Treaty of Rio de Janerio, signed in 1828 ensured this country's independance
16.Capital of Venezuela
19.Was the heart of the Inca empire

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