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US State Capitals

Patrice-Lou Thomas

Do you know these US State Capitals?

1 2 3         4
    5 6          
7               8     9       10  
      11               12
        13   14                  
    15           16          
  17         18                    
      20             21      
27       28     29                  
  30 31    
32               33                  
34 35                
    36                       37
    38       39             40
  41                     42            
    43                     44            
47             48          

3.This State capital name means 'Peace'
6.Big Sky Country State Capital
7.The Great Lakes State Capital
8.Granite State Capital
11.The Potato State Capital
14.The Golden State Capital
15.Empire State of the South's Capital
18.Iowa's State Capital
20.The Magnolia State Capital
22.Old Dominion state capital
24.Arkansas' s State Capital
25.Alaska's Capital
26.Utah's state capital
27.Washington's State Capital
29.Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on this state's capital bus
32.Massachusetts state capital
33.The Only State Capital named after a Saint
34.North Carolina's State Capital
36.State also knwon as 'The crossroads of America' capital
39.The Birthplace of Aviation, state capital
41.Nevada's Capital
42.Garden State Capital
43.Florida's capital is ...
44.North Dakota's Capital
45.Land of 'Tax-Free Shopping' state capital
46.Tennessee's state capital
47.The Centennial State Capital
48.Mount Rushmore state capital
49.The Bluegrass State Capital
1.The Lone Star State Capital
2.Maine's Capital
4.Missouri's Capital
5.The Grand Canyon State Capital
7.Nebraska's State Capital
9.Wyoming's State Capital
10.The Quaker State capital
12.Palmetto State Capital
13.The Sunflower State capital
16.The Old Line State Capital
17.The Badger State's capital
19.The Capital of Hawaii
21.West Virginia's State Capital
23.Oklahoma 's state capital
28.The Smallest State in the US, capital
30.The Creole State capital
31.The Prairie State Capital
35.The Empire State's capital
37.Vermont's capital
38.The Nutmeg State Capital
40.This State's bird is the Roadrunner; it's capital is...

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