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The World!

Use the clues to fill in this crossword puzzle.

1       2 3
4 5 6          
7           8 9 10    
11                 12    
13         14              
              16   17    
19 20               21    
22             23    
24         25            
26   27
28 29     30      

1.This country has the largest population in the world.
6.The capital of Germany.
7.70% if the world's surface is made up of ___.
11.The Roman Empire took control of most of this continent.
14.The most spoken language in the world.
15.The Parthenon is located in this country.
16.Flamenco is a dance that comes from this country.
18.The island country off the eastern coast of Africa.
20.This country is famous for its history of neutrality.
22.Vienna is the capital of this country.
24.The capital of Japan.
25.The equator runs through this country in South America.
29.The smallest country in the world is ____ City in Italy.
31.The name of the currency used in Europe.
32.Mount Everest is located in this country.
2.This continent has the largest number of countries in it.
3.The capital of Great Britain.
4.The primary language spoken in Montreal.
5.Not including Australia, the biggest island in the world.
8.A kilt is a traditional skirt worn in this country.
9.The ___ Desert is the largest in the world.
10.Reggae is a type of music that comes from this country.
12.The only continent where humans don't live.
13.The Aztec Empire was located in this country.
17.The smallest continent.
19.The capital of Russia.
21.The major river of South America.
23.The ___ Ocean is the largest body of water in the world.
26.The capital of Egypt.
27.The Taj Mahal is located in this country.
28.The longest river in the world.
30.The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in this country.

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