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Capital Crossword

By: Corey

1 2 3 4
5           6                      
  7 8 9                
    11                 12    
13                   14                    
15                         16
18           19             20          
21 22            
  23   24                       25    
      30                       31    
              32     33    
          35 36                
    39                   40  
    42               43          
  45               46          
47         48        

5.Capital of South Dakota
6.Capital of Lousiana
9.Capital of Minnesota
10.Capital of Kentucky
11.Capital of California
13.Capital of Maryland
14.Capital of Arkansas
15.Capital of Tennessee
18.Capital of Kansas
19.Capital of West Virginia
24.Capital of Utah
26.Capital of South Carolina
27.Capital of Indiana
30.Capital of Illinois
32.Capital of New York
35.Capital of Wyoming
37.Capital ofMichigan
39.Capital of New Mexico
41.Capital of Wisconsin
42.Capital of Hawaii
43.Capital of Massachusets
44.Capital of Washington
45.Capital of Virginia
46.Capital of Alaska
47.Capital of Deleware
48.Capital of Oregon
1.Capital of Montana
2.Capital of Vermont
3.Capital of Missouri
4.Capital of North Dakota
7.Capital of Rhode Island
8.Capital of Mississippi
12.Capital of Oklahoma
16.Capital of Alabama
17.Capital of Nevada
20.Capital of Florida
21.Capital of Georgia
22.Capital of Iowa
23.Capital of Pennsylvania
25.Capital of New Jersey
26.Capital of Ohio
28.Capital of Maine
29.Capital of Arizona
31.Capital of North Carolina
33.Capital of Texas
34.Capital of Idaho
36.Capital of Connecticut
37.Capital of Nebraska
38.Capital of New Hampshire
40.Capital of Colorado

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