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World Geography Final

Robert Baldwin

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  7   8             9
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1.Thick rock layer around the earth's core
2.Flat plain sometimes formed at the mouth of a river
3.An air mass
8.Movement of weathered gravel, soil, etc.
10.Theory that says the earth's outer shell is not solid rock
11.Huge, slow-moving ice field
12.Electric communication
14.Condition of the bottom atmosphere over a long time
17.Without it, there would be only rock, not in soil
19.Windblown deposits of mineral-rich dust
21.Surrounded by water on three sides
23.Mountain range reaching into the Northeast
27.Telegraph inventor
29.Average number of people in a given area is its population____
31.Raised, mostly level landform
32.Circle of volcanos surrounding the Pacific Ocean
34.Outer layer of the earth
35.Low place between mountains
36.Florida wetlands
37.Cloth-related industry
38.Places with similar characteristics
39.Dry, treeless plain that sprouts grass or moss when the ground thaws
40.Condition of the bottom atmosphere over a short time
41.Darl colored organic material
4.Where a place is in compared to other places
5.Water that falls to the earth as rain, sleet, snow, etc.
6.The earth's spinning on its axis
7.One trip around the sun for the earth
9.Mostly flat area with few elevation changes
13.Landforms and other surface features
15.Breakdown of rock into smaller and smaller pieces
16.Formed by decaying plants and animals over time
18.First man-made canal in America
20.Very deep valley with very deep sides
22.Artificial waterway
24.Half of the globe
25.Type of weather just north of Tropic of Cancer
26.Residential area just outside of a city
28.Average number of days between spring and fall frosts
30.Load of rock and sand carried by a river
33.God after whom volcanos are named

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