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Basic Geography Vocabuary

Tim Pasto

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5     6   7         8        
        9 10  
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      32 33      

2.Highest point on a mountain ar hill
3.Area that is wet year round
5.Triangular-shaped area of small islands of sediment that divide a river into smaller parts at its mouth
7.Stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
12.Shows direction on a map
14.Dry area that recieves such a small amount of water that no plants or animals can survive
17.Man-made waterway
20.One half of the earth
22.All the weather that occurs in an area ove ra long period of time
23.Distance above sea-level
27.SIgnificant natural elevation of the earth's surface, usually have steep sides
28.An elevated, level expanse of land; a tableland
29.Large area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land
30.Area that is drained by a river system
31.Deep, narrow, steep-sided valley, often with a river on its floor
32.Large area of flat or gently rolling, treeless land
35.The lower end of a river where it flows into another body of water
36.Relatively large body of salt water enclosed or partally enclsoed by land
37.Large amount of flowing fresh water
1.Huge area of salt water. Four of them cover 3/4 of the earth
2.Narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water
4.0 degrees longitude
6.Treeless plain close to or above the Artic Circle
8.Charcterized as an area having four seasons
9.Narrow neck of land conecting two larger areas of land
10.These lines indicate the distance east/west of the Prime Meridian
11.Study of the features of the earth
12.One of the seven principle land masses on earth
13.String of islands clustered together
15.These lines indicate the distance north/south of the Equator
16.Body of water partially enclosed by land with a mouth accesible to a larger body of water
18.Area of land surronded by water on three of its four sides
19.Large portion of the earth's surface united by physical or human characteristics such as language, culture, economic activity, or political system
21.Huge mass of slowly moving ice
24.Imaginary line that circles the Earth between the poles
25.Dry area of flat rolling land that supports grasses but few trees. Located in tropical or subtropical areas
26.Land completely surronded by water
31.Piece of land extrending beyond the rest of the shoreline
33.Body of water surronded by land, usually fresh water
34.Northern and Southern most points on the earth

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