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German Unification

Christopher Pedicone

1 2 3
6                           7          
    8           9    
14                                       15
17           18              

4.Prussia declared war on________ in 1866
6.Telegram which Bismarck edits in an inflammatory way
7.William I of Prussia takes this title
8.This movement was gaining power and seen as a threat to the "New Germany" by Bismarck
10.Bismarck launched the ________in an effort to ensure the catholic's loyalty to the state over the church
12.What the newly unified germany is called
14.This war was between France and Prussia
16.Territory captured from Denmark and administered by Prussia
17.______was defeated by Prussia in 1870
18.Ruler of France__________ III
19.This is the upper house and is appointed by the german rulers
20.Under Bismarck, Germany became a pioneer of social________
1.Man who turned his family's business into the "Arsenal of the World"
2.Businessman who founded a steel mill which grew to employ 50,000 workers
3.In 1862 King William I made him chancellor of Prussia
5.Country formed by the german provinces
9.Otto von Bismark's nickname
11.This is the lower house appointed by male suffrage
13.Territory captured from Denmark by Austria later taken from Austria by Prussia
15._____'s throne was vacant and was one of the causes uf the Franco-Prussian War

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