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Eugaepae! It's Ancient Greece!

Aurora, Brittainy, Danielle, and Kate

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1.A crane that gave the impression of a flying actor
4.A part of the costumes, usually made of linen or silk and it was worn long.
5.The actors wore these to change their character.
9.Worn by the male actors in front of the belly
11.Wrote 90 plays total, including Medea, Hippolytus, Orestes, and Heracleidae
15.Writer of the Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and Electra
16.An exterior cloth worn over the shoulders usually made of wool.
2.The major writer of comedies; wrote 45 total
3.One of the key qualities of the Greek plays; similar to a narrarator, it moved the story along
5.Wrote 64 plays; Most famous for The Grouch
6.Worn by the male actors to imitate female breasts
7.where the chorus sang and danced
8.A wheeled wagon used to bring dead characters into view for the audience
10.He wrote 80 plays total, including Agamemnon
12.Tall arches that opened onto the orchestra through which the performers entered
13.The god of wine and good cheer that the festivals were often dedicated to
14.back wall often used for scenery

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