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Ancient Greece


History class project

1         2 3
4               5              
7         8                 9
10         11                      
15 16         17           18          
        19           20    
21           22        
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28     29                      
31               32                              
    33             34

1.famous philosopher
4.we see these in a lot of movies
5.the first type of government
6.a body of land surrounded by water on three sides
7.everyone believed and respected these
8.citizens of greeces democracy
10.a person who wrote alot of greek myths
11.body of water west of greece
12.the third type of government
13.a good time period for athens
16.membership in a political community
18.series of historical empires that ruled over the Iranian plateau
19.a physical feature of an area
21.first noble woman in mathematics
24.a great ruler
26.the center a a city where people trade
29.the second type of government
31.a spiritual belief
32.it goes from you to the law
33.lay at the southern end of the central Laconian plain
35.greece is surrounded by these
36.something you exchange
1.at it's hight in the 400's BCE
2.it goes from you to another person, then to the law
3.the people that rule a religion
4.father of history
9.famous greek philosopher
14.the last type of government
15.stories that a particular culture believes to be true
17.a large territory in which several groups of people are ruled
20.conflict between persia and greece
22.a state named after Alexander the great
23.capital and largest city in Greece
25.a greek slave
27.something you do in oligarchy
28.the kings' son
30.you go to this to trade
32.the king of persia
34.something you do in democracy

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