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Democracy and Greece's Golden Age

by Lucinda Head

Chapter 5 Section 3 Pages 120-125

1 2 3 4 5          
  6 7                   8         9
      11     12   13          
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20                       21        
23 24                                
  28 29 30   31
33                     34 35 36  
  37                         38          
40                   41          
44       45              

4.Slow-acting poison.
7.Aristotle's most famous student.
8.Killed 1/3 to 2/3 of the population of Athens.
12.A serious drama about love, hate, war, or betrayal.
14.The ____ paid the costs of producing plays.
15.Ruler of Athens during its Golden Age.
16.Tragic play by Sophocles.
18.Play about Athenian women and their attempt to end a war.
19.Pericles hired more of these to strenghten democracy in Athens.
20.Plato's ideas on the ideal government.
21.Aristotle developed rules for this type of reasoning.
22.23,000 sq. ft. temple on the acropolis of Athens.
24.Plato said to make these educated people the rulers.
25.Works that poke fun at a subject.
26.Aristotle's work provided the basis for this, still in use today.
27.Excessive pride.
32.Citizens vote directly, not through representatives.
33.Said "the unexamined life is not worth living".
37.Valued order, balance, and proportion.
38.All trials lasted ___ ____.
40.Wrote 100 plays, including Oedipus the King.
41.Goddess of wisdom.
42.Socrates most famous student.
43.Commander of the Greeks at Troy.
44.The leader of Athens aws chosen by ___.
45.Questioned people's unexamined beliefs.
1.Pericles bought gold, ivory, and ___ to beautify Athens.
2.Important to the safety of the Athenian empire.
3.Author of The Oresteia.
5.You had to be ___ to vote in Athens.
6.Came close to summarizing all the knowledge up to his time.
9.Known for sympathetic portrayals of women in his plays.
10.Archetect of the Parthenon
11.This alliance had a 200 ship navy.
13.Writer of the first great comedies for the stage.
17.Lovers of wisdom.
19.War between Athens and Sparta
23.Comic play by Aristophanies.
28.One of the most famous Sophists.
29.Tragic play by Euripides.
30.A Greek city-state.
31.Greek entertainment invention.
34.Play based on the family of Agamemnon.
35.One of Sparta's wealthiest allies.
36.Play with slapstick and crude humor.
39.Enemy of Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

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