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Greek Gods Crossword

Lewis Christie

This puzzle will help you understand what the Greek Gods did and who they are!

1               2   3
5         6                  
12         13          

1.God of Fire; Son of Zeus and Hera; Born ugly
4.God of the Sea; Wisest God
5.God of the Dead
6.Where Hades lives
7.Goddess of Hearth
9.God of War; Son of Zeus and Hera
10.Son of Zeus; Twin of Artemis; God of Poetry, Music and the Sun
11.Zeus's weapon; Forged by the Cyclopi
12.God of the Sky; King of Gods
13.Goddess of Intelligence; Daughter of Zeus; Emerged from Zeus's Head
1.Son of Zeus; God of Messaging
2.The supposed place where the Cyclopi forged weapons
3.Goddess of Love; Daughter of Zeus
5.Protectess of Women; Queen of Gods
8.Son of Zeus; God of Wine
10.Daughter of Zeus; Twin of Apollo; Goddess of the Moon and Archery

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