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Greek Mythology Review

Mrs. Amyot

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5.god of the waters
7.god of the son
10.where all of the world's troubles were kept until it was opened
11.mortal warrior in all areas but his heel
13.how the sun was carried through the sky
14.would row a boat across the river Styx
15.where the Greeks would seek to find the future
19.seeds that forced Persephone to stay in the underworld
21.underworld region of pain and suffereing for those wrongdoers
22.brave warrior but had an awful temper
23.spirit of mortals, taken to the underworld
26.goddess who rules over nature and crops
27.son who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps
30.name given to Zeus and his siblings
31.father of Cronus
1.misty area of the underworld with weeping trees
2.the first woman created to punish man
3.his her son, Zeus, to save his life
4.quality of a god or goddess
6.substance used to create man
8.goddess of wisdom
9.unwillingly married to Hades
12.messenger god
13.3 headed dog who guarded the gates of the underworld
16.creator of animals, gave away the best survival skills
17.creator of mankind, stole fire from Zeus
18.turned into a spider to weave forever
20.work of art torn in a jealous rage
24.god who ate his children in fear
25.ginat creatures defeated by Zeus ad his siblings
28.ruler of the underworld
29.king of the gods

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