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Crossword Puzzle of Greek Mythology

James Tatum

1 2      
3 4 5                  
      7   8              
      9     10
      13         14
15   16                  
19               20     21    
23         24          

2.This goddess is often jealous of her husbands affairs.
5.This commander lead his brother Menelaus into battle during the Trojan War.
6.This goddess is known for her "green thumb" and her daughter Persephone.
7.This god forges weapons for the immortals.
12.This goddess uses her powers of lust and romance to attrac men.
13.This six-headed behemoth is located near Charybdis.
15.This goddess inspired men to battle and use their wisdom to overcome adversity.
17.This three-headed hell hound guards the gates of the Underworld.
19.This warrior was only stopped by the weakness of his heel.
20.This god is the Messeneger of the Gods.
23.This leader had his wife stolen from him.
25.This cowardly prince stole the wife of Menelaus.
26.This is Homer's epic poem about the Trojan War.
27.This boatman carried the dead across the river Styx in the Underworld.
1.This wool has mystical powers.
2.This god is known as the Lord of the Dead.
3.This is Homer's epic poem about Odysseus's adventures.
4.This warrior and prince fell at the hands of Achilles.
5.This goddess is the twin sister of Apollo
8.This god releashed his wrath through whirlpools and tsunamis.
9.This monster creates maelstroms every time it opens it's mouth.
10.This god is the embodiment of alcoholic pleasures.
11.This hero used his own intelligence rather than relying on brawn.
14.This god was supreme when it came to the craft of war.
16.This hero was known for his strength.
18.This sorceress tortured men by turning them into animals.
20.The female was the prize of the Trojan War.
21.This hideous women, had snakes in the place of hair.
22.This god hurled lightning bolts at his enemies.
24.This god drives a chariot of fire around the Earth.

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