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Olympian Quiz!

1 2
    4 5
6 7              
  9 10    
11     12   13 14      
16 17               18
19         20              
21   22                

3.War God
7.Goddess Of the Earth
8.Air God
11.Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth
15.Water God
17.Annabeth's Mom
19.Percy's Favorite Color
20.Wine God
21.God Of Fire
23.God of the Dead
24.Hunters Who Died in the 3rd Book
1.Messenger God
2.Who is the Oracle now???
4.Hunt Goddess
5.Sun God
6.Who stabbed himself in the 5th Book in the Last Olympian
9.Makes So Yesterday Cool
10.Percy's Half Brother
12.Who gets to Build Mount Olymus?
13.Who Plays Percy in the Lightning Thief
14.Goddess Of Love
16.Hercules Wife
18.Who is the Last Olympian??
22.God of Nature

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