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Ulysses crossword


1       2      
    3   4    
    5         6  
8                         9
11 12                  
14       15          
16         17        

1.The land of the dead
3.What Ulysses sailed
5.Turns men into animals
7.What Charbydis did on the deck to get Ulysses's men
8.What Ulysses was when his crew opened the bag of winds
10.Another word for to run away
12.Amphitrite's husband
13.What point Ulysses used to evade Scylla and Charbydis
14.A small mountain
15.What Ulysses did when he was at the battle of Troy
16.What animals the Cyclops fought over
17.This plants made Ulysses's men fall to sleep
1.What power it took to put out the Cyclops's eye
2.Goddess of battle and wisdom
4.What the Cyclops live on
5.Turned into monster by Amphitrite
6.Ulysses ______ captured Troy
9.Ulysses ____ on a ship
11.A word for careful and smart

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