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All About Addiction Puzzle

Hillary Siedler

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6.A set of maladaptive, compulsive behaviors learned by family members in order to survive in a family which is experiencing great emotional pain and stress
10.Compulsive and often uncontrollable craving, seeking, and use of a drug.
11.Leading cause of relapse.
12.Falling off the wagon
14.Why some people use drugs or alcohol: to avoid _____.
16.Type of 12 step meeting
18.Desire to use
19.Leading cause of death in emergency rooms
20.When one person aids another person's use
21.Much more likely to be involved with these people if you are actively using.
22.When you don't think you have a problem -defense mechanism
23.What its called when an addicted person's family and friends gather together to confront the addicted person.
24.The process of learning to cope with feelings on a daily basis free from mind changing chemicals.
27.what its called when friends try to get you to use with them
29.Related to your higher power - plays a very important role in recovery.
33.Drinking while pregnant can cause these.
35.Its hard to keep one of these when you spend a lot of time high.
37.Alcoholism is considered this because it gets worse, its treatable, if left untreated you will die.
38.The thing that reminds you how bad you want to use
39.How you look after years of drug or alcohol use.
40.What some people in recovery have a hard time earning after years of addiction.
41.The goal of addiction treatment
42.What happens to crack users who have been using all night long. The get _________ .
1.How people act when they are high.
2.Tendency for addiction to occur in the same family
3.The disorder that come from children being born to mothers who drank while pregnant
4.The person I hurt most when I use drugs or alcohol.
5.The process by which an individual who is physically dependent on a substance is withdrawn from it.
7.Vivid visual memories of your past
8.Symptom when coming off of methamphetamines that insects are crawling on you (warning this is a hard one).
13.What you are when you can't quit because your body is physically ______.
15.When you have a mental health and a substance abuse diagnosis.
17.Likely to loose a lot of this if you keep using.
19.When you want to quit but can not, you are _______ .
25.Likely to spend time in this fine establishment if you keep using.
26.Symptoms that come when some one stops using a drug or alcohol after using a lot for a long time.
28.Episodes of memory loss as a result of excessive drug or alcohol use
30.What you are getting when you are learning how to stay sober.
31.When you are not physically dependent but you are engaging in regular drug _______ .
32.What you will be randomly given by your probation officer if you are arrested for drug use or paraphenalia.
34.Mental health diagnosis that often goes along with addiction
36.One we we loose family trust
41.You are at a lot higher risk for catching this when you are drunk or high.

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