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Methods of Birth Control

Jacob Udell

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6.A shallow cup of thin rubber stretched over a flexible ring.
8.Both partners need to participate.
9.85% of getting pregnant.
12.Spermicide is good for ______applications.
13.Female Sterilization.
14.Oldest selling condom on the market.
17.3 months at a time. Approved in 1992.
18.Most effective (JSN) Both partners must make decision.
20.A small, thimble shaped latex cup
21."Trickster" invented in 1960
22.the method either was not always used correctly or was not used with every act of sexual intercourse.
23.Non- prescriptive- 2” Diameter.
27.A female condom can be inserted into the vagina up to how many hours before sexual intercourse?
28.Male Sterilization.
29.True or False, a cervical cap is more effective with no previous births.
32.______ types of condoms.
33._________ Ring.
34.RU 486 is antagonistic to _______.
36.Prescription required requires no STD protection.
37.True or False, It is safe to use the Nova ring if you smoke.
40.Intended for people who don't want children in the future.
42.A chemical that kills sperm before they enter the uterus.
43.True or False, Rotate the patch each time new patch is used.
44.The pill must be taken everyday at the _____ time.
1.True or False, HIV has been found in pre-ejaculatory fluid.
1.True or False, Vaginal Contraceptive Film can be held in a purse or pocket.
1.True or False, Vaseline may destroy the condom.
1.True or False, spermicide requires no prescription.
2.50% percent of ______ are purchasing condoms today.
3.Start the Patch the _________ after menstruation.
4.Introduced in the U.S. in 1985.
5.Each packet of VaginalContraceptiveFilm contain ____ pieces.
6.Norplant ____ provide STD protection.
7.RU 486.
10.Spermicide must be used with an _________.
11.the method was always used correctly with every act of sexual intercourse but failed anyway.
15.A T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus.
16.Doesn' work to prevent pregnancy, it can lead to PID and increase your risk .
19.Prevent pregnancy by placing a physical or chemical "wall" between the sperm and the cervix.
24.JSN stands for.
25.The diaphram and cervical cap are sold __________ at drugstores.
26.No longer Available for women who started it before 2003 May continue to use it.
30.package contains ___ Nuva Ring.
35.True or false, Condoms can be used more than once.
35.True or false, seminal fluid is not released after a vasectomy.
38.Similar to the pill; uses synthetic hormones.
39.A ________ prevents sperm passage into the vagina.
40.Approximately ____% of all pregnancies are unplanned.
41.A person is _______ during a vasectomy.

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