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Birth Defects

Complete this crossword puzzle using the Study guide Mrs. Morris gave you
2   3   4
    5       6                  
8       9                  
        10   11  
12                                         13  
2.Can some birth defects be prevented?
5.A missing or extra one of these affects sexual development and may cause infertility
9.this birth defect is mainly found in european jewish heritage
12.extra 18 and 13 chromosomes cause this and later, death
15.A congenital infection that causes deafness, retardation, heart defects, and blindness
17.When a baby is born with an extra 21 chromosome
18.The most common type of structural birth defects (1 baby in 125)
19.1 in ____ babie are affected by fetal alcohol syndrome
20.a blood clotting disorder
1.A defect causing progressive muscular weakness
3.This STD causes stillbirth, newborn death, and bone defects in babies
4.This is how babies are made, which also is where many birth defects are traded between parents
6.a fatal disorder of lungs and other organs affecting mainly caucasians
7.When a baby cannot process a part of proteins that affect brain development
8.1% of babies are born of this disease which caues mental retardation
10.This affects 1in 3500 babies and detsroys brain cells because of a lack of enzymes
11.The stage where most birth defects occur
13.When the spine is exposed bast the epidermal layer affecting 1 in 2,000 babies
14.This is when a mother and a fathers + and - blood do not mix
16.This many babies are born wtih birth defects every year

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