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Cardiovascular System II

Peggy LePage

This crossword puzzle covers the last portion of the class material (valves through cardiac cycle)

1 2
  4             5
7         8            
      9 10  
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18           19
22                         23                         24
  26 27         28              
30                       31                      
        34 35                
  37                   38              

3.Relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle
4.The volume of blood in the ventricles immediately prior to contraction
6.Purkinge fibers are electrically coupled to the _______ cells
7.Lower chambers that pump the same volume at the same time
11.AV node is pacing
12.15% of the work of the heart is used to move the blood into the outflow vessels
13.23-40% of the myocytes cell volume is composed ot these organelles
14.Irregular heart beat due to uncoordinated electrical events
15.Leaking or backflow due to a damaged valve is know as a _________valve.
20.Cell junction responsible for ion movement between myocytes
22.The term used to describe the myocytes abiltity to generate an action potential without nervous input
23.Pressue is 25/0 mmHg
25.Action potential moves to the ventricules via this portion of the conducting system
27.SV X HR
30.Slow than normal heart beat (<60 beats/min)
31.Divsion of the autonomic system that increases the rate and force of contraction of the heart
32.At rest the heart completes this in 0.8 Sec
33.Contraction phase of the cardiac cycle
35.Narrow valve oriface is said to be ___________.
36.More blood returning to the heart will stretch the ventricular myocardium and a more forceful contraction will occur
37.A group of cells that function as a unit.
38.Cardac myocytes do not experience this type of muscle contraction
39.Sodium leaks into the nodal cells via these channels
1.The location of both regions of nodal cells
2.The influx of this ion results in the plateau phase of the cardiac myocyte
5.Cardiac myocytes burn this for energy in a fasting state
8.85% of the oxygen within the heart is used during this phase
9.Enlargement of heart muscle due to disease or exercise
10.99% of the myocytes are ______________.
16.85% of the work of the heart is __________ work used to open the semilunar valves
17.Renegade cells are firing
18.This nerve slow SA node depolarization
19.The heart has a great deal of difficulty adapting to sudden, ________ changes such as a ruptured chordae tendinae
21.Initation of an action potential occurs here.
24.The percentage of blood ejected from the heart is known as the ________
26.EDV - ESV
28.Once a mechanical valve is placed the patient must be on ______ therapy for the rest of their life.
29.Rapid heart rate (greater than 100 beats/min)
30.Pattern cardiac myocytes form
34.This portion of the conducting system will set the pace of the heart if the SA node is no longer functioning

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