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Cervical Cancer

Brittany Wilson and Karen Mullen

Final Review

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1.The peak incidence of noninvasive cervical canceris in women in their _______.
4.___________ involves examination of the cervix with a binocular microscope
8.Late symptom of cervical cancer
9.One ethnic group with largest incidence of cervical cancer
11.American Cancer Society recommendation that a Pap test be done at least once every ______ years.
13.A surgical procedure involving adjacent structures.
2.Number one Risk Factor for cervical cancer
3.Second Risk Factor for cervical cancer
5.Diagnostic test done on an outpatient basis
6.Preventative test for cervical cancer
7.Abdominal cramping pain or discomfort
10.A type of surgical freezing
12.Controversal drug to assist in prevention of 70% of cervical cancers

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