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Circulation, Respiration and Digestion

Jennifer Hubert

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1.largest artery in the body, comes out of the heart
3.ventricle of the heart that pump blood into the aorta
5.blood type is determined by _______ on the red blood cells or plasma of a person.
7.return blood to the heart, can stretch many times normal size, and have backflow valves
10.pressure of blood when ventricles CONTRACT
11.normal human RBCs do not have one of these
13.number of valves in the heart
14.the smallest vessels in the body, only one cell layer thick
16.used in measuring blood pressure to cut off blood supply and measure pressure when blood squirts through reopened artery.
19.this node is in the right atrium and starts the heartbeat, also called the pacemaker
20.arteries branch into smaller vessels called ________.
23.largest chambers of the heart
25."O" blood type is the universal ______ because they have no RBC proteins that would clot other blood types
26.deoxygenation blood returns to the heart in the right ______.
1.which has a thicker wall, an artery or a vein?
2.the ______ ventricle pumps blood to the lungs
4.pressure of blood when ventricles RELAX
6.used to listen to blood squirting through artery when measuring blood pressure
7.blood returns to the heart through these two veins (2 words)
8.blood disease where WBC have extremely enlarged nuclei.
9.arteries carrying blood to the arms
12.blood disease RBCs rupture (burst) thus causing loss of oxygen to body cells
13.arteries carrying blood to the upper legs
15."AB" blood type is the universal ________ because they have no plasma proteins that would clot with other blood types.
17.watery fluid that makes up blood
18.name for molecule in RBC that carries oxygen
21.these smaller branches feed into veins
22.healthy systolic pressure should be _____ 140.
24.arteries carring blood to the head and neck

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