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Circulatory System- Intro


Basic circulatory sytem

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3.Stroke (abbrev)
5.Inferior ___ vein drains blood from lower body
10.Artery that supplies blood to leg & foot
13.Decrease of blood flow to tissues
14.Vein that drains blood from lungs
15.Valves to prevent retrograde blood flow
20.Artery that supplies blood to stomach, spleen, liver
21.Arteries that empty into right heart atrium
22.Shock result from heart failure
26.Artery that supplies blood to armpit
27.Shock result from loss of blood or low volume
28.Shock caused by allergic reaction
29.hollow space within a tube
30.Inflammation of the vein
32.Hardening of the arteries
33.Connect arterioles & venules
34.Arteries Superior & Inferior ___ that supplies blood to intestines
36.Weak area in arterial wall- abnormal widening
40.Decaying Tissue
41.External ___ vein drains blood from lower limb
43.Tissue death
44.Moves blood away from heart
45.Internal ____ vein drains blood from sinuses of the brain
46.Protective membrane around heart
1.Vein that drains blood from foot
2.Vein that drains blood from medial arm
4.Valve that blood flows through at the entrance of the aorta
6.Collect blood from capillaries & join to form veins
7.Artery that supplies blood to spleen
8.Artery that supplies blood to medial side of hand
9.Moves blood towards heart
10.An artery expanding & recoiling alternately
11.Inflammation caused by clot formation
12.Artery that supplies blood to head & neck
16.Artery that supplies blood to mouth, pharnyx, face
17.Blockage of the arteries
18.Valves become incompetent & blood pools in veins
19.Artery that supplies blood to arm
23.Moves blood through organs
24.Valve that blood flows through into right ventricle
25.Artery that supplies blood to kidneys
28.Surgical procedure used to open up arteries
31.Vein that drains blood from spleen
33.System that transports materials through body
35.Vein that drains blood from lateral arm
37.Artery that supplies blood to lateral side of hand
38.All functions of circulatory system occur in the capillary ____
39.Shock results from complications of septicemia
42.Vein that drains blood from liver

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