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Conflict Resolution


Vocabulary and information for chapter 14 on conflicts and preventing violence.

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3.crimes committed against an innocent bystander
5.talking about what is needed to solve the problem at hand without blaming
6.important in promoting peace
9.second leading cause of death for ages 15 - 24
11.does not always involve sexual intercourse
12.help other teens find solutions to the problem
15.involve mixed emotions and can arise over appearance of good choices
17.hate crimes based on misguided generalization
18.a normal part of life
19.one of the least reported crimes
20.person who commits a violent act
1.used in conjunction with sexual abuse
2.keeping details a secret by respecting the privacy of all parties
4.cause deep emotional scar
7.a violation of can lead to violence or destruction of another person's property
8.an essential element in resolving conflicts
10.start of minor issues and can affect lives of entire populations
13.problem solving and negotiation with the help of a trained person
14.a situation that is unhealthful and unsafe
16.happens to people from all walks of life

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